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 About the art of László Ezékiel Vecsei

Vecsei László Ezékiel has a very rich oeuvre. His varied themes and techniques have been developing during his artistic lifework of 24 years. His eagerness to create and to express fills his everyday life and gives him strength to renew his art. Renewal and invention are the most important keywords that describe his art. Vecsei does not follow contemporary trends but adopts his inner world to universal time and feelings, which are reflected in his pictures. His paintings are full of life; colors, forms and sparkling lights make even the subjects look like organic bodies.
The most characteristic, recurring motif in his paintings is the soul ship. Ship, ark has been used in literature as a symbol for a long time but in fine arts it hasn’t been used as frequently as in Vecsei’s art, where we can trace the life of a soul ship from birth to arrival. Soul ships are born, “forged” deep in the water, where parts of an organic machine (wedges, screws) cling to them and holds them down. Soul ships have to survive in the sea of life and face obstacles during their way. They bring vitality and movement in the monochrome surface. The straight, sharp lines and edges of the ships are in contrast with the blunt, supple forms in the sea.
This contrast can be realized in the “Birth of a Soul Ship”, which symbolizes the work of the painter and value creation: a white marble ship was made from the sandstone-like material. While the sandstone is easily blown by the wind or eroded by water, marble is a precious stone which is so lasting that we are still amazed by the buildings made of it hundreds of years ago. Vecsei’s painting suggests that we never know what will worth value and where the vanguard artist may come from. “Ararat 4.” represents the other pole, the arrival; symbolizes Noah’s ark on the Ararat Mountain. This painting seems the most harmonious among the soul ship pictures: the enlarged, statue-like waves elevate the ark.
As well as in the soul ships, parts of the „Illusions” reflect mostly restlessness. “The Drill”, made of flesh and blood, denies its being as a subject. It becomes the model for destruction: the enemy of itself and others at the same time. The theme, colors and naturalism of this picture are surprising because the artist gives up his pastel colours. “Illusions” reveals a fantasy world, which induces us, beholder-readers, to explore and to make order in the multitude of forms.
We can find less familiar forms in the pictures of „Constructive feelings”, they are more abstract. The world of the seas disappears and has been replaced by molecules floating in the ethereal space and geometrical bodies. Vitality and energy are still apparent, as the key characteristics of Vecsei’s art. Molecules, tissues of the soul in the “Constructed” series are strained in the space. They are full of power but are not able to move because their position is determined: they cannot get out from their construction. Vecsei refers to those persistent and talented contemporary painters like him, who hardly find sensible audience, because they do not give in to popular trends and do not deny their individuality. Artistic freedom means much more to them than popularity. Vecsei can paint only in this way and his artistic freedom provides his pictures real value.
In the pictures of „Reduced Elements”, Vecsei creates forms only with outlines. Male and female symbols appear in the images of soul ship, bird or human body. These simple lines and homogenous colors can express feelings which describe the relations between the individuals of a group or the harmony of a couple’s body and soul. Affection, playfulness and sexuality dominate these pictures. “If you leave me, can I go with you?” shows a nice example of emotional attachment: one soul ship passes the other, which still would like to be close to him. The dance of the birds with their wings covering each other expresses abandon cheerfulness, while the figures of the “Vehement” are lost in sexual desire.
After displaying so much forms and themes, Vecsei still finds inspiration to create something different, the „Osb World”. We can find new ways of expression in these pictures. The texture of the board, its layers of wood pieces serve new basis for experimenting and imitating three dimensions. The painter has to create images mostly by using colors because the forms are given – the little wood chips.
He always renews his art…
In this catalogue, which contains only a part of his wide oeuvre, you can find the most important motifs of Vecsei László Ezékiel’s art; through them he reveals how he sees the world and his own fate as an artist. I believe that his pictures will always impress and amaze the people. In his art everyone can find a personal message.
Éva Tornllyay